Email Supervisor

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EmailSupervisor monitors all outgoing emails from your computer and alerts you whenever an unauthorized or unknown program (virus, keylogger, spyware etc.) is trying to send an email in the background. It also stops emails to being sent to unknown recipients or containing potentially unsafe attachments. It works on the system level and cannot be bypassed.

The risks
The objective of these intrusions into your computer is to steal your sensitive personal data (passwords, banking accounts, credit card numbers and all your keystrokes) and also to turn your computer into a platform for the subsequent infection of other computers.

How does it happen?
The main method of delivery of collected information to the hacker and the method of infecting other computers is to secretly send emails with the collected logs and/or attached virus from your computer using small built-in email clients of virus or spyware present in your computer, or by using your hacked email client or a browser and then emailing on behalf of it. The risk is especially great in the second case, since the emails are sent on behalf of the trusted program, and as a result anti-viruses and firewalls consider it to be a totally legal operation. As a rule, your email client or browser are in the list of trusted programs and aren't controlled at all.

How does EmailSupervisor work?
Right after installation EmailSupervisor installs a special system network component that monitors all outgoing Internet traffic on your computer. This makes it impossible to bypass EmailSupervisor and makes EmailSupervisor insensitive to the email client type and its configuration. Upon an attempt to send an email from your computer EmailSupervisor checks the email, determines whether it is a legal email sent by you or a dangerous email sent by virus or spyware and displays a corresponding message.

Does EmailSupervisor replace anti-viruses/firewalls?
No, EmailSupervisor does not replace anti-viruses or firewalls. It does however complement them and closes security holes that firewalls and anti-viruses don't cope with. We recommend that you use EmailSupervisor together with anti-viruses and firewalls and update your anti-virus database more frequently. EmailSupervisor is another very important level of protection for your data. EmailSupervisor will help to prevent your computer from being turned into a platform that spreads malicious code and prevent your sensitive personal data from being stolen.

For more information, please check the Email Supervisor Manual.

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