Launch Supervisor

List of free Internet security software developed by team.

LaunchSupervisor detects and prevents the attempts of hijacking your favorite web browser, media player, instant messenger or email client and prevents forcing them into launching unwanted, malware programs that will lead to damage done to your computer.

Every time LaunchSupervisor blocks a program, it displays a corresponding notification near the clock. Unselect "Show notifications", if you do not want to receive LaunchSupervisor notifications.

LaunchSupervisor controls only those programs that use Internet and therefore can be hijacked (browsers, email clients, media players etc.). There is no need to control programs that work only locally on your computer (notepad, calculator etc.).

LaunchSupervisor has a built-in list of popular Internet programs as well as it dynamically detects and puts programs into its Internet programs list when they request access to Internet. You can also manually add your Internet programs into Internet Programs List for LaunchSupervisor to monitor them in the future.

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