7 Best Android Security Tips

Since the Android operating system rolled out in the market, there have been reports of flaws in the software itself and its integration. This is obvious; it’s an open-source operating system. In March 2011, approximately 260,000 devices were infected with apps containing Trojans and malicious software.

Third-party applications are also a problem for android-based smartphones. For example, in early 2011, it was discovered that skype for the android app was storing user information, including the user name, password, and contacts, in the memory card of the phone, and they can be accessed from anywhere by just writing few lines of HTML and javascript. Similarly, numerous other applications may compromise your security and make you a sitting duck for hackers and cybercriminals. Apart from these issues, the most serious one was implementing the technology that allowed android devices to use services like Gmail. An attacker can quickly unleash a man-in-the-middle attack by hijacking the session. He can impersonate another user and steal confidential information.

No operating system is a hundred percent secure, and despite these security issues and vulnerabilities, the Android operating system’s popularity has rapidly increased. It’s a relatively new operating system, and one can hope that the primary topics will be fixed in a few months. It is also worth mentioning that your smartphone security doesn’t depend entirely on the operating system. Here are seven simple Android security tips to help you boost your android operating system security.

1: You must always keep your android phone updated with the latest security updates and patches released by your vendor.

2: Before downloading an application, you must ensure that a reliable developer community issues it and that it is perfectly safe to download and use the application. Do not risk your confidential information for a few bells and whistles.

3: Download and use an application if you feel it is necessary for you. Android smartphone users have access to millions of applications, but not all are necessary or useful for you. Be selective and do for only those that you need.

4: Use good security software like lookout or AVG security. This can indeed be a life saver.

5: Protect your android phone with a password. Always keep a backup of your important files

6: Never root your android device. It’s similar to jailbreaking the iPhone.

7: Use applications from the official Android Market for apps.

Keep these Android security tips in mind, and you will keep your phone and valuable data secure!