Android security tips, questions, and answers.

7 Best Android Security Tips

Since the Android operating system rolled out in the market, there have been reports of flaws in the software itself and its integration. This is obvious; it’s an open-source operating system. In March 2011, approximately 260,000 devices were infected with apps containing Trojans and malicious software. Third-party applications are also a problem for android-based smartphones. […]

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5 Tips To Keep Android Safe

The number of free Android apps that seem to be infected with some other malware has increased to 50+. The names of these apps would give out their malicious nature, but innocent-looking games or apps like chess or quick notes would often be infected with malware. The danger here is that users won’t think twice

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Important Android Security Tips

Android is an open-source operating system for mobile devices, and the Android Market is supported by a vast community of developers writing applications for Android-based devices. Unlike Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Android-based devices do not have a standard operating system version. It is up to your phone manufacturer to make the latest update of Android

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