Security tips, questions, and answers.

How to secure WiFi?

You can secure your WiFi networks both LAN and WAN by following these instructions • The first thing you must do after setting up your wireless network is to change the administrator interface login and password of your WiFi router or access point. Most of the WiFi routers and access points come with a default […]

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How to hide my IP Address?

The best method of hiding your IP address is to use a proxy server in some form. It can either be a direct proxy that will mediate your connection requests and which can be set into the browser that you are using; or the method of using an anonymizer web service. The manner in which

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How to secure computer?

A secure computer means that your information and data are safe and secure, and a third party is not stealing your communications. Securing a computer can be a tedious job, but you can protect your computer by following these simple steps: 1.    First and most important is always to protect your computer with an antivirus

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Is Skype secure?

Yes, Skype is secure in many ways because the programmers at Skype have utilized industry-recognized methodologies to secure the data of its users. Skype uses encryption, digital identity, and independent review of its security systems to stay on top of its security features. Encryption is utilized to encrypt the data from the computer on your

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How to remove a virus?

In this article, we will illustrate how you can go about removing viruses and malware from your computer and how you can devise a contingency plan that would protect you from future virus and malware attacks. Viruses and malware are the greatest threat to one of the most valuable concepts of our modern life. The

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Top 10 Smartphone Security Tips

In this article, we will discuss Smartphone security and vulnerability. I will look at the threats you face while using your mobile phone and what steps should be taken to protect it and sensitive and valuable data. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives now, and for many people, it’s almost impossible

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Free Internet Security Controller

Control the time you, your family, or your employees spend on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other websites. Limit the access time to the strictly indicated periods and limit the total amount of time for visiting these websites. Setting a timetable for a website is as easy as marking the selected hours green or red. The

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