What are Auto Start Programs?

Auto-start programs are configured to start automatically when the operating system starts.

Suppose you are using a Windows operating system. In that case, you may have observed that some programs, such as Windows Live Messenger or Skype, can be configured to start when you boot your computer automatically.

These programs are set on the auto-start mode. One way to configure a program to start automatically is to use an auto-start program, software that maintains the list of programs that need to launch whenever you start up your computer.

Another way to utilize the auto-start feature is by using the Windows start menu. This method is considered the most straightforward and safest method using a Windows operating system. Launch the start menu, click “All Programs,” and click “Start-Up.” You will create a shortcut for all applications that you want to auto-start.

A more complex method to auto-start programs is to open the “Run” command dialog box from the “Start” menu and type msconfig.msc or msconfig.exe. When the dialog box appears, go to the boot menu and select the selective boot option. Go to Start-Up, where you will see a list of applications and installed programs. Select the programs that you want to auto-start and save them.

The fourth method is using the registry key to modify the registry entry of the program that you want to set on auto-start. This strategy is complex and unsuitable for users with little knowledge of computers and the Windows operating system. However, keeping as few programs on auto-start as possible is recommended because it slows down your computer and can expose it to some security risks.