What is Adware?

Adware stands for Advertising-supported software.

The main purpose of adware is to display advertisements on a computer. Adware is a type of internet application that displays ads for different products and services while the user is online.

Adware is of two types, one that displays already stored ads, this type of adware does not need permanent internet connectivity. The second kind of adware is the one that displays dynamic ads depending on user trends. Adware with dynamic functionality works like spyware since it sends user information such as searches and trends to advertisers to help them in targeted ad campaigns.

Adware’s basic purpose is to display advertisements. These advertisements are often displayed as pop-ups or form messages. Adware is often bundled up with legitimate and useful software that the user installs purposely on his computer. Upon installation of that software the adware unpacks and deploys itself on the user’s computer without the will and consent of the user.

Adware can be harmful to users in many ways. Even if adware is not acting like spyware, it is consuming the memory, processing speed, and bandwidth of your internet connection. Adware can slow your computer and internet by continuously using your resources. Adware can also be a great waste of time by displaying unwanted ads and pop-ups.

A standard and the good quality anti-spyware program has the capability of permanently removing adware. But after the removal of adware, some or single shareware might stop functioning as the shareware product companies are sometimes paid to include that adware inside their installation pack.