What is Hacking?

Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to a victim’s computer and then using the computer to perform certain actions that are not authorized or permitted by law by the rightful owner of the computer.

Hacking can be done for industrial espionage, identity theft, cybercrime, stealing confidential information, or using a computer for an illegal purpose.

The hacking mechanism is complex, and many techniques are used to accomplish the task. First, a hacker has to gain access to the victim’s computer.

This is usually done by creating backdoor access through a Trojan attack or stealing login IDs and passwords through a worm or spyware.

After gaining access, the hacker may do whatever he likes to do with the user’s computer. He can control the computer, store files, or can use that computer as a bot to launch further complex and sophisticated attacks on targets.

Computer hacking is most common in teenagers. Apart from computer hacking, there are many other forms of hacking like website hacking and user id hacking. Depending upon the purpose of hacking, hackers are categorized into many groups like:
• Neophyte
• Script kiddie
• Hacktivist