What is P2P Network?

P2P stands for ‘peer-to-peer’. ‘P2P network’ refers to a particular type of network in which each and every workstation has equivalent responsibilities and capabilities.

This particular network model doesn’t have any dedicated computing systems that would act as servers for the network. An alternative definition of a P2P network is an architecture in which the different participating component systems take part in a distributed application network and divide the processes among themselves.

Torrents work on P2P networks. P2P networks are famous for enabling the sharing of music and media files among their users. There are many different clients available that may be used as part of the P2P network.

Torrent networks also use P2P networks for sharing media files, music files, and documents across the user base without the need for any central controlling activity. Two of the most famous of these applications are Kazaa and Napster.

Downloading files from P2P networks is not recommended, because the downloaded files may be infected with malware which would, in turn, infect your system.

By downloading and uploading copyrighted material on P2P networks you may violate the law.