What is Popup?

A browser Popup window appears when an applet or a script forces the browser to open another window.

Popups usually are unwanted and undesirable advertisements.

Popups are primarily of three types:

  • The first type of popup is the one that appears when the user clicks on some link on a web page.
  • Second, are the ones that appear randomly.
  • Finally, the third type of popup is the one that appears without any user intervention.

The 3rd type is the most annoying and displays unwanted and often explicit ads containing content that the user would not like.

Some popups could bring a malicious program such as a virus, a worm, or a Trojan horse.

These popups serve some security alert and more than often display warnings related to some security breach of your system or some offer that would scan your system for malware.

If you click in any part of the window, the code is set such that it will download undesirable and unwanted content and infect your system with malware.

Legitimate companies were also known to use popups for desirable content. Still, their use is diminishing as the ill content malware-based popups have become prevalent, and users are annoyed with any popups that might appear.