How to block website?

Today the Internet is packed with information covering every topic, some of which may be considered objectionable. You may want to block or limit access to certain websites on your computer.

There are several methods available. You can block websites by using a built-in feature in your web browser, by using a firewall, or by using special software designed for the task.

To block a website using Internet Explorer, open Tools, go to Internet Options, click the Privacy tab, click Sites, and enter the addresses of any websites you want to block. To block a website using Firefox, you have to download the BlockSite add-on. If you are using Google Chrome, go to Tools, click Under the Hood, choose Change Proxy Settings, and then go to the Security tab and click Restricted Sites. Simply add the addresses of websites you want to block, and these websites will be blocked.

To block a website using a firewall, install a personal firewall on your computer, put the websites you want to block in a “blacklist” category, and allow all the others. Another method for blocking websites is to do so with your router. Routers are capable of managing blacklists and whitelists of websites: simply add the addresses of websites you want on the blacklist, and your router will automatically block those sites.

Parental control and Internet filtering software are also good tools for blocking websites.

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