How to detect Rogue Access Point in Network?

Rogue access points are wireless access points that have been installed onto the local network of a company without the explicit permission of the administrator or the IT department head.

Rogue access points can either be installed by Hackers to carry our man-in-the-middle attacks or by employees themselves to bypass the browsing restrictions in the company placed through wired networks.

To stop the installation of rogue access points, the local network administrators can install and monitor the wireless network intrusion prevention systems that would allow them to monitor the radio spectrum of rogue access points.

First, check if the access point is in the list of managed access points to detect rogue access points. The second condition that can be limited is whether the access point itself is connected to a secure network.

The first condition is relatively straightforward to check, and this can be done by comparing the BSSID or wireless MAC address of the suspect access point.

Once that is done, the second step is also simple, which involves checking the network transmission through the spectrum utilized by the suspect access point.