How to create strong password?

Today, having a strong and unbreakable password has become mandatory for every internet user. Using a weak or short password makes you vulnerable to hacking, fraud, and identity theft.

Short passwords can easily be cracked by modern computers and guessed by criminals.

Therefore, you need to create a strong password.

You can create strong passwords by following these simple steps:

  • Never set passwords that have less than eight characters; 10 is expected, but it is recommended that you try to create a password that has 14 to 16 characters
  • Do not use only letters or numbers in your password: try to make a combination of both
  • Use special characters like exclamation marks, parenthesis, asterisks, and colons to make your password strong
  • Never use combinations that can be guessed, like qwerty or 12345, or strings like aabbccddee as passwords
  • Never use your username, first name, last name, contact number, address, or birthday as your password
  • Never use a proper word from the dictionary in your password
  • Avoid using passwords that can easily be guessed, like brand names or names of people

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