How to recover a lost password?

With the advancement in software technology, almost every application comes with password protection features.

The most common applications used in day-to-day word and data processing, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., all come with password protection capabilities.

Also, compression software such as WinZip, Winrar, 7Z, etc., allows for the compression of files.

These applications also have the capability of password protecting the compressed file. The password protection feature allows the authors and creators of the files to save the document and make them only accessible to users who have voluntarily given the password.

But, there are cases when the creator of the author of the file forgot the password, thus making the file inaccessible.

For this reason, there are password recovery applications that are free and commercially available in the market. They would allow users who have forgotten the password to their files to retrieve the password and reaccess the files.

The password recovery tools are available in either bundle package or separate for each application for which the password has to be recovered. The technologies employed for password recovery range from brute force technology, commonly known as the brute force attack, to the dictionary-based approach.

There are also cases when the hybrid methodology is employed, which makes partial use of both methods.

Other tools would remove the password from the file itself. These are called password removal tools. If the password recovery tools are not successful in recovering the password to the file, password removal tools can be used.

Password removal tools are available for primarily all documents like Word, Excel, Access, pdf, zip, etc.