What is WEP?

WEP stands for wired equivalent privacy. WEP is an algorithm that implements security features on IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. WEP was introduced in 1999 to provide confidentiality and security to wireless networks. WEP security is available in all routers, access points, and wireless network devices. WEP uses RC4 Stream cipher for implementing confidentiality and checksum […]

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What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection also known as code injection is a technique in which the attacker uses a security vulnerability present in SQL (Structured Query Language) to gain access to a database linked-to website. After infiltrating the database the attacker can add a new entry, modify existing entries, and can also delete a record, table, or even

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What is Hoax?

Hoax is a self-fabricated and false story that lacks evidence and is used to mislead people. The story is fabricated and spread in such a way that it seems to be true. In the digital world, the term hoax is often used as short a virus hoax. A virus hoax is a statement telling the

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What is Windows Registry?

Windows registry is a centralized and hierarchal database present in Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows registry is used to store configurations and settings for Windows operating system. Windows registry also keeps a record of all the programs and software that have been installed on your computer. Windows registry also configures the operating system for users,

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What is Svchost?

SVCHOST is a shell program or a generic host that is used to execute Microsoft Windows services. Specifically speaking SVCHOST is a host program that provides a platform for .dll files for execution. Programs such as windows defender and windows updater use the SVCHOST service for their execution. SVCHOST was created when Microsoft replaced the

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What is Kernel Mode Driver?

Kernel mode is a type of environment that contains exceptionally high-level privileges. All the drivers that are made for kernel mode and are being run in kernel mode have the same level of privilege. Another mode is called user-mode; in user mode, the drivers and programs have limited access and privileges. In the kernel mode

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What is Native Application?

Native or platform-dependent applications are designed to execute only inside a certain operating system. For example, the native Windows application can run only on the Windows platform and the native iPhone application can work only on the iPhone. Contrary to native applications, a platform-independent application such as Java does not need a centralized or specific

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What are Auto Start Programs?

Auto-start programs are configured to start automatically when the operating system starts. Suppose you are using a Windows operating system. In that case, you may have observed that some programs, such as Windows Live Messenger or Skype, can be configured to start when you boot your computer automatically. These programs are set on the auto-start

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What is Windows Activation?

Windows Activation or Windows Product Activation is a licensing mechanism used by Microsoft to prevent and evade piracy. Windows activation is used in all versions of Windows Operating Systems. After the successful installation of Microsoft Windows, the user is presented with the screen that would prompt for a license key which would be present along

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How to reset Facebook password?

If you forget your Facebook password, there is no need to worry; Facebook enables users to reset the passwords on their accounts. To reset the password: Navigate to Facebook’s URL through the computer browser. Do not sign in. Click on the link below the password box that says, “Forgotten Your Password?” Facebook will ask you

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