Vodafone Speechless After Blog Site Hacked

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Vodafone was left speechless after their World of Difference Charity program (http://worldofdifference.vodafone.co.uk/) was posted with rogue blogs that included critical copies of claimed policies on UK tax.


Vodafone has been in the center of protests headed by the UK Uncut (http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/) group that is forcing the government to demand for the unpaid taxes from Vodafone.


Even though the blogs were up only for about 20 mins., the UK Uncut group had long enough to go ahead with a press release pertaining to the event. This so called hack came about as a result leakage of username and password that were provided to the people to post on the World of Difference blog.


The blogs posted on the hacked site were reported to have contained photographs which included the ones involving the demonstrations by UK Uncut at various Vodafone phone stores across the country. The blog was also reported to have articles that alleged Vodafone of evading taxes in tune of ?6bn.


UK Uncut has highlighted the fact that the charity events of Vodafone have faded away behind the shadow the huge tax evasion amounting to ?6bn. Vodafone’s response to all these blog posting was on the lines of sadness and setback. Vodafone said that they were very sad with the fact that misinformation was being spread across and that too with a website of a charitable event as its backdrop.


Even though the security event of blogs getting hacked it not that high profile, but still embarrassing none the less.