Social Monitor

List of free Internet security software developed by team.

Find out what your child does on Facebook without directly spying on him or her. Social Monitor provides complete data on any recent social activities related to your child.

With Social Monitor you can discover your child's contacts, and then decide for yourself if those relations are harmless or safe.

Social Monitor will give you a better understanding of your child's interests and hobbies. It will help you to build trusting relationships and overcome any communication barriers.

  • Ensure that no personal information is published.
  • Check your child's news, feed and statuses.
  • Monitor your child's interests, activities, events and checkins.
  • Check your child's photos, videos, music, books and TV programs.
  • Download and check the content of all submitted links and liked pages.
  • Download and check the profiles of all of your child's friends.

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