Firefox Do Not Track Header Gets A Head Star

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Mozilla has struck the first chord and converted the Associated Press News Registry to be the first organization to have adopted the 'Do not track' header technology which got introduced by Mozilla in its Firefox 4.

Alex Fowler, in his blog post at (, Associated Press is using the privacy oriented header across its 800 news sites. The 800 sites reach an approximate 175 million unique users in any given month.

The blog post also reveals that the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) which is a joint initiative, to self regulate the advertising business, by big names in the world of media and advertising is also looking at the process of initiating a kind of demo or say proof of concept to use the new technology by Mozilla.

The proposal of Do not track header was laid out in a January blog by Mozilla in an attempt to provide the browsing community the option to shield themselves from network that track the user behavior specially the ad networks.

The proposal was executed in March and then rolled out in the same month with the Version 4 of Firefox. The option of turning on the "Do not track header" can be found on the browser, the same can be activated by the user. Now it is at the discretion of the websites the browser use and the ad networks to recognize that particular setting.

Federal Trade Commission in its recommendation in December, 2010 had advised the browser vendors to come up with some kind of solution which would involve a persistent setting in the browser through which the ad networks and the websites would come to know if the user has opted-in for the do not track or not.

The FTC advised that this setting can be some solution similar to the cookie mechanism. Due to the intervention of FTC the ad network through the DAA have sprung to action and Mozilla is working with the DAA to jot down the technical necessities and requirements for practically implementing the FTC directive.