How to reset Apple Mac password?

Every computer user around the world has forgotten their password at least a few times, be it the password of their email account or the password for the computer itself. Here in this ‘how to’ we will focus on how to reset the Apple Mac/MacBook password. Sometimes people forget their admin account password, and if […]

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Top 4 iPad Security Tips

When considering iPad security, you must understand the following points: How to prevent unauthorized use of the iPad Robust encryption techniques to protect data on the iPad, even when the iPad is stolen or lost Network encryption and security of data transmitted from an iPad to another device Protection for the iPad OS Your iPad

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Top 9 iPhone Security Tips

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most widely used cellular phones. Below are some basic and easy tips that will help you make your iPhone secure. 1 – The first and foremost advice about iPhone security is: never leave your iPhone unlocked. This rule applies to all portable or mobile devices that contain personal or

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