Is downloading from Torrents Legal?

Torrent networks are swarms of hosts that allow users to share files that they possess. The original idea behind torrents was that rather than uploading and downloading files to and from a central location, users would be able to join torrent networks and would have the capability of downloading and uploading files in a distributed […]

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What is COPA?

COPA – referred to as the Child Online Protection Act – was a law in the United States passed in 1998 to protect minors from gaining access to harmful and objectionable material while browsing the internet. This law has been overturned, as it directly violates the right to free speech. This law was created because

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What is CIPA?

CIPA, which is short for Children Internet Protection Act, is a law in the United States signed in December 2000. CIPA has been designed and formulated keeping in mind the safeguarding of children against content on the Internet that is pornographic or explicit or objectionable. The law had been signed off by the then President

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