Internet Filter

What is Internet Filter?

Internet filter is a software tool that allows parents and system administrators to control the list of permitted and blocked websites and programs. Initially, Internet filters were used in homes and public schools and libraries. As time progressed, the Internet filters became incorporated into businesses to control Internet use in the workplace. This served the […]

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How to block website?

Today the Internet is packed with information covering every topic, some of which may be considered objectionable. You may want to block or limit access to certain websites on your computer. There are several methods available. You can block websites by using a built-in feature in your web browser, by using a firewall, or by

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IPv6 and Message Filtering

IPv4 address space has been depleted by far, and more and more countries across the globe are willing to adopt or are already in the process of adopting IPv6 as their following IP protocol. But as the IPv6 addressing scheme is getting adopted, there have been issues surfacing left, right & center. Companies willing to

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