What is Phishing Email?

Phishing is the process of getting sensitive and confidential information such as username, passwords, pin codes, and contact details by illegal means. Phishing is similar to spam in operation and appearance but more like spyware in functionality. In phishing, an architect of the process sends you emails that look legitimate and from a well-known and […]

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What is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is a technique by which the sender of an email modifies or alters the header information of an email. In such emails, the “From” address contains an email address different from the one it was sent. Email spoofing is relatively easy to carry out, and it is one of the most over-utilized forms

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How To Secure Emails?

There are two primary ways to secure emails: using an email client that provides the necessary security using encryption to encrypt the content of the emails itself It is always best to receive and send emails in pure text format as intended during the initial days of email and email communications design. When using HTML

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Is Gmail secure?

Yes, Gmail is secure as it uses HTTPS protocol to transmit the information from the client’s browser to the Google servers. The use of HTTPS protocol guarantees that the information between the client’s browsers and Google servers is encrypted with RC4 128-bit encryption. If anyone tries to eavesdrop on that particular session, there will be

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IPv6 and SPAM Filtering

Service providers worldwide have warned that the transition to IPv6 will prove to be a hurdle toward filtering SPAM. As the IPv4 address space is nearing exhaustion, it was imperative to adopt the IPv6 addressing scheme to accommodate the ever-increasing number of online hosts. With the adoption of IPv6, more and more hosts will be

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