What is Adware?

Adware stands for Advertising-supported software. The main purpose of adware is to display advertisements on a computer. Adware is a type of internet application that displays ads for different products and services while the user is online. Adware is of two types, one that displays already stored ads, this type of adware does not need […]

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What is Spyware?

Spyware has been coined from the base word of spying. Spyware is a typical type of malware that would spy on the activities of the user without their knowledge. The spread of Spyware is normally through USB drives, email attachments, or through the network. Unlike viruses, which infect other files and are noticeable through these

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What is Virus?

A virus in the computer world is effectively a program that may infect other programs by copying itself onto the program and making the host program unusable. Computer viruses are tiny software programs that are inherently designed to spread from computer to computer and in most cases interfere with the normal operations of the computer.

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What is Computer Worm?

Worms are malicious computer programs engineered to replicate themselves and spread to other computers over a network.Computer worms can create copies of themselves on the local drive of a computer, removable media like flash drives, and Internet-like attachments.The primary objective of a worm is to spread itself to as many computers as possible using all

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How to remove a virus?

In this article, we will illustrate how you can go about removing viruses and malware from your computer and how you can devise a contingency plan that would protect you from future virus and malware attacks. Viruses and malware are the greatest threat to one of the most valuable concepts of our modern life. The

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