The Best 6 iPhone Security Applications

Below you find the best 6 iPhone security applications that will make your iPhone experience much safer.

Find My iPhone
Whether you accidentally dropped your iPhone, forgot to pick it up from a bar, or someone stole your iPhone, Find My iPhone helps you to find your phone and quickly takes you to the location with a detailed, well-illustrated map.

With Find My iPhone, you can remotely lock your phone and wipe your sensitive data. Find My iPhone also works on iPads, iPods, and even Macs.

Splash ID
Splash ID was initially developed for Blackberry, but now it’s available for iPhone users. It has more than 600,000 users worldwide. Splash ID is an excellent iPhone security application for storing sensitive and confidential information. It can keep your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, social security number, and all-important and private pieces of information. An administrator password and 128-bit encryption protect the data stored in this app. Splash ID can be synchronized with your home PC or Mac.

Big Brother Camera
The Big Brother iPhone security app turns your iPhone into a fully functional spy cam. It uses the iPhone’s front-side camera. The app enables the iPhone to take pictures of users upon several actions, like entering the wrong passcode if someone tries to use your device without your consent or when someone opens or closes an app.

Security Organizer
Security Organizer is another iPhone security app. Like Splash ID, it is used to store your confidential information like user names, passwords, credit card numbers, and passcodes. Security Organizer relieves you from the hassle of remembering complex and difficult passwords and lengthy usernames. It uses standard encryption to protect your sensitive information and has an administrator password feature to protect the device and data stored in the device.

Firewall IP
The majority of cyber-attacks are caused by poor protection. An unsecured network may be a booby trap for you. Similarly, a website may be loaded with malicious software to steal your information, or a hacker may break into your iPhone and steal your valuable data. Firewall IP is another iPhone security app developed to protect you from this kind of threat. It provides a secure firewall that controls and monitors all incoming and outgoing packets from your iPhone.