What is Browser Helper Object?

Browser Helper Objects – also commonly known as BHO – are components of Internet Explorer. BHO is like an add-on that provides the capability to expand Internet Explorer’s functionality and allow developers across the globe to add new and improved features to Internet Explorer. The BHO is similar to the add-on that we observe in […]

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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The Secure Socket Layer protocol was developed by Netscape.  SSL provides security to communications over the Internet by creating a secure channel using cryptography. The Secure Socket Layer along with TLS provides security by encrypting segments or packets of data above the transport layer of the network. There are

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What is Cookie?

Website cookies are small text files stored on a user’s system by their web browser.A website cookie is also known as an HTTP cookie or a browser cookie or just a cookie depending upon the preferences of the people who use them. Cookies normally contain textual data that helps websites remember the user, their browsing

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What is Incognito browsing?

Incognito, or InPrivate browsing, is a browsing scheme through which users can browse the internet without leaving a trail in the browser. Incognito browsing prevents anyone else who might be using a system from seeing the previous user’s browsing. It doesn’t store any information related to the user’s browsing pattern. Incognito browsing is available in

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What is Popup?

A browser Popup window appears when an applet or a script forces the browser to open another window. Popups usually are unwanted and undesirable advertisements. Popups are primarily of three types: The first type of popup is the one that appears when the user clicks on some link on a web page. Second, are the

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What is Cookie Hijacking?

Cookie hijacking is also called session hijacking or cookie theft. Cookie hijacking is a hacking process by which the hacker gains unauthorized access to some confidential information in a way that is not facilitated by the user or a secure session. Explicitly speaking, cookie hijacking means hacking or stealing the cookies containing confidential information needed

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What is Cross Site Scripting or XSS?

Cross-site scripting or XSS is about malicious JavaScript routines embedded in hyperlinks, which are used to hijack sessions, hijack ads in applications and steal personal information. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications that enables malicious attackers to inject client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users. With

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