What is Hacking?

Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to a victim’s computer and then using the computer to perform certain actions that are not authorized or permitted by law by the rightful owner of the computer. Hacking can be done for industrial espionage, identity theft, cybercrime, stealing confidential information, or using a computer for an illegal purpose. The […]

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What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection also known as code injection is a technique in which the attacker uses a security vulnerability present in SQL (Structured Query Language) to gain access to a database linked-to website. After infiltrating the database the attacker can add a new entry, modify existing entries, and can also delete a record, table, or even

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How to prevent DoS attacks?

There are seven varieties of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. To prevent or block them, you must first identify the type of attack. Below are several general ways you can protect yourself from DoS attacks: Define a comprehensive security policy for your network and take all necessary measures to implement that policy. Work with your

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What are DoS and DDoS attacks?

DoS stands for Denial of Service Attack. DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attack, is a more complex invasion within the same category. The purpose of a Denial of Service attack is to make a website or service unavailable for users over the Internet. To enforce this, the attacker uses bots — a computer that

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What is Rootkit?

A rootkit is basically used to describe the process or mechanisms by which malware including viruses, Trojans, and spyware attempt to hide themselves or their presence from antivirus tools, antispyware tools, and/or system management tools. The term Rootkit has been derived from the combination of two different words. First is “Root” which means that all-powerful

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What is DNS Hijacking?

DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking is also known as DNS redirection or DNS spoofing. DNS hijacking is the process of redirecting the requesting IP address to servers other than the originally requested DNS server. DNS hijacking is used for malicious purposes, primarily for phishing. Technically speaking, DNS hijacking does not fall in the category of

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What is Packet Sniffer?

A packet sniffer is software capable of intercepting or eavesdropping on a system’s traffic, on a particular segment of a network, or the whole network, depending upon its placement. Packet sniffers collect data that can be captured and saved for later analyses or data-mining activities. Communication between systems occurs in the form of small segments

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What is Buffer Overflow?

Buffer overflow – also sometimes known as buffer overrun – is a bug or anomaly in the software that occurs when a program writing to a buffer in memory overshoots its allocated buffer space and ends up writing into an adjacent or nearby memory space (buffer). Buffer overflows typically are just bugs in the software

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What is Intrusion Prevention System?

An intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a device or software capable of detecting and preventing intrusion attempts into your network or hosts. Intrusion Prevention Systems are evolved from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). IDS were only capable of detecting intrusion attempts and notifying the administration of such an attempt. This has led manufacturers to create IPSs

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What is Intrusion Detection System?

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is software or hardware capable of inspecting incoming and outgoing traffic and, based on traffic patterns, detecting attacks and alerting network administrators of such attacks. Two types of intrusion detection systems exist:•    Host-based intrusion detection system or HIDS in short•    Network-based intrusion detection system or NIDS in short As the

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