What is Application Layer Firewall?

Application-layer firewalls on the other hand have the capability of acting as a proxy in either or both directions and thus have the capability of protecting the sources from the users and the users from the sources. Thus, application-layer firewalls mediate the traffic between the source and the destination and this provides a better view […]

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What is Firewall?

A personal firewall is an internet application that is used for controlling the inbound and outbound traffic of a computer connected to a network or internet. A personal firewall has the ability to deny or permit communication and transmission depending on a predefined policy of the personal firewall. A personal firewall is different from a

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What is Session Layer Firewall?

Session layer firewalls are also commonly known as circuit-level gateways or circuit-level firewalls. They operate at the session-level of the OSI reference model and use NATto protect internal systems from outside attackers. The protection that is provided by these kinds of firewalls is basic and is done through the use of source/destination IP addresses as

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What is Windows Firewall?

Windows firewall is a software firewall present by default from Windows-based operating systems starting from Windows XP SP2 and onwards. The Windows firewall is a packet filtering firewall. The Windows Firewall was also known as the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) until its release as the Windows Firewall in 2004. Previously until 2004, the Internet connection

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Firewall 101

Firewalls are the main line of defense for protecting the resources on the inside of an enterprise network from the Internet. Firewalls protect resources like computers, applications, servers, etc. that are present in the LAN from external attacks. Firewalls can be broadly defined as a set of programs that work together at the server or

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