What is IP Spoofing?

IP spoofing, or Internet protocol address spoofing, is the method of creating an Internet protocol packet or IP packet using a fake IP address that impersonates a legal and legitimate IP address. A spoofed IP is a fake IP address that does not belong to any computer in the network. IP spoofing exploits the stateless […]

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What is Spoofed Packet?

A spoofed packet is an Internet Protocol packet created from a spoofed or fake IP address but is impersonating to be a legitimate and authentic sender. The spoofed packet is normally a request generated by a client node for the server or another computer. The basic purpose of using spoofed packets is to hide the

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What is DNS Spoofing?

DNS spoofing is another man-in-the-middle attack that can force victims to navigate to a fake website purporting to be a real one. DNS spoofing is based on presenting fake DNS information to a victim in response to their DNS request and, as a result, forcing them to visit a site that is not the real

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What is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is a technique by which the sender of an email modifies or alters the header information of an email. In such emails, the “From” address contains an email address different from the one it was sent. Email spoofing is relatively easy to carry out, and it is one of the most over-utilized forms

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