What is Password Manager?

A password manager is a software application or a tool in other words, that allows users to organize and securely store passwords for websites, files, email accounts, etc. The password manager normally is an application that would store the credential in an encrypted format on the local disk. Some password managers are acting as form […]

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How to reset Windows 7 password?

To reset your Windows 7 password, you can follow the following steps: •    Set the Boot Priority in the BIOS of your systems to boot first from the optical drive and then insert your windows installation disk and restart your system. •    On the first screen that appears, select the language you are comfortable in,

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How to reset Apple Mac password?

Every computer user around the world has forgotten their password at least a few times, be it the password of their email account or the password for the computer itself. Here in this ‘how to’ we will focus on how to reset the Apple Mac/MacBook password. Sometimes people forget their admin account password, and if

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How to create strong password?

Today, having a strong and unbreakable password has become mandatory for every internet user. Using a weak or short password makes you vulnerable to hacking, fraud, and identity theft. Short passwords can easily be cracked by modern computers and guessed by criminals. Therefore, you need to create a strong password. You can create strong passwords

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