What is Kernel Mode Driver?

Kernel mode is a type of environment that contains exceptionally high-level privileges. All the drivers that are made for kernel mode and are being run in kernel mode have the same level of privilege. Another mode is called user-mode; in user mode, the drivers and programs have limited access and privileges. In the kernel mode […]

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What is Native Application?

Native or platform-dependent applications are designed to execute only inside a certain operating system. For example, the native Windows application can run only on the Windows platform and the native iPhone application can work only on the iPhone. Contrary to native applications, a platform-independent application such as Java does not need a centralized or specific

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What are Auto Start Programs?

Auto-start programs are configured to start automatically when the operating system starts. Suppose you are using a Windows operating system. In that case, you may have observed that some programs, such as Windows Live Messenger or Skype, can be configured to start when you boot your computer automatically. These programs are set on the auto-start

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What is Zero Shell?

Zero Shell is a small, portable and redistributable Linux program written for servers and embedded systems to provide network and connectivity services. Zero Shell is not an operating system-based service, and it depends upon a web-based graphical user interface. The user has to log in to the user interface on the web instead of using

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How to recover a lost password?

With the advancement in software technology, almost every application comes with password protection features. The most common applications used in day-to-day word and data processing, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., all come with password protection capabilities. Also, compression software such as WinZip, Winrar, 7Z, etc., allows for the compression of files. These applications

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