Bitdefender Antivirus Review

BitDefender has a reputation for giving its user’s rock solid and most trustable protection. Bit defender antivirus was developed by SOFTWIN, a software company based in Bucharest, Romania.

The first version of Bit defender was released in 2001, and 13 performances have been developed and released.

Bit defender is one of the most reliable and efficient antivirus software.

It can protect you from viruses, Trojans, worms, malicious programs, spyware (Learn more about spyware), rootkit, adware, keyloggers (What is keylogger?), or any other kind of harmful program.

If you are looking for trustable and concrete protection at an affordable price, bit defender can be your best choice.

It protects your computer from all the known and unknown viruses. It also tunes up your computer’s performance and keeps it secure, safe, and updated. Its multi-tier protection mechanism can protect you from all sides while you are online.

Bit defender is also a lot more flexible than other traditional antivirus solutions. Whether you are a professional with comprehensive knowledge about computers and want to control and set everything manually or an average user who wants a set-and-forget security solution, bit defender serves you in the best and safest possible ways.

Bit defender antivirus’s protection arsenal and technologies are constantly updated to protect you against the changing and dynamic threats you face on the internet.

Most antivirus users complain about the slowing down of their computer after they install an antivirus program. Bit defender does not affect the performance of your computer. Its tune-up feature makes your computer work much better and synchronized.

To install bit defender antivirus, you can go to the bit defender website. From there, you have to launch the bit defender download manager. The download manager downloads an installation file to your computer and initiates the installation process. It takes three clicks to complete that process, about 3 minutes on an average computer( Dual-core processor with 2 GB RAM). After the completion of this process, a reboot is needed. After the reboot, another method is automatically initiated. Here bit defender antivirus gives you three configuration options that are:

  • Typical
  • Gamer
  • Custom

The typical configuration is for average users and sets everything to default. The gamer mode is for people using their computer for games, and the last option, the custom, is for advanced users. Here you can select everything according to your needs.

After that, the setup asks you to specify whether you are about to use bit defender antivirus on a laptop or a PC. Bit defender has separate settings and configurations for a computer and PC. Finally, the last step asks you to select your type. Three options are available:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

This part helps bit defender antivirus decide how the antivirus program will handle decisions and which user interface type would be shown to the user. In the Novice mode, the antivirus program takes control and makes most of the decisions independently. In the Expert mode, the user has maximum power and can control how the antivirus program works. The intermediate method is the combination of Novice and Expert. Here, the typical decision is forwarded to the user while the antivirus program makes some complex and advanced decisions.

After the installation process is completed, the bit defender asks you if you need a guided tour of applications or not. This process is beneficial for users to understand the functionality of this advance and comprehensive antivirus program. It also lets you check the latest and innovative features of the bit defender antivirus program and get the most of this hugely popular and user-friendly software. Once installed, you can access the Bit defender antivirus dashboard.

The dashboard is clean, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. On the upper left corner, a conventional colored button shows you the status of your computer. The green-colored sign with a ‘your computer is protected’ indicates that your computer is fully protected from all the threats and the antivirus software is updated and working. The yellow sign shows that some issues need to be resolved, like you need to scan your computer.

The bit defender antivirus updates itself automatically after an hour, and you do not need to accomplish this task manually. Three-button on the top of the dashboard are Security, Update now, and My tools. They provide you easy and quick access to the best features of bit defender antivirus. Also, there is a feature to customize bit defender antivirus in the My tools option according to your needs. You can select the gaming mode to suspend disk and processor-intensive scan features or choose the laptop mode to reduce power consumption.

Some of the best and most innovative features of bit defender antivirus are:

  • Search Advisor
  • Smart tips
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-rootkit
  • Bot protection
  • IM protection
  • Trojan Protection
  • Email Scanning
  • Anti-phishing
  • Instant Message Encryption Service

Bit defender antivirus is powered by SOFTWIN’s latest “B HAVE” technology based on behavioral analysis of programs in a virtual environment. The Active Virus Control is also loaded with another latest and state-of-the-art technology. Active Virus Control continuously monitors the running processes in an operating system and allocates scores to them. Upon reaching a specific threshold level, the program is declared as harmful.

It is different from heuristic technologies which monitor executable files when they are accessed or started. Active Virus control monitors everything that applications perform during their entire activity. This ability makes it the third level of defense.

The home version of bit defender was awarded the PC Answers editor’s choice award in 2007. Bit defender also passed the Virus Bulletin’s test 14 times till June 2007. It also secured an advance certification from AV-Comparatives. In another test conducted by AV-Comparatives in 2009, bit defender received an Advance+ certificate. PC MAG also performed a test on Bit Defender 2010. It successfully detected 97 percent of all tests and completely blocked them. Bit defender is also the most economical of all the top antivirus, making it one of the most trustable and efficient. Bit defender antivirus costs you only 24.95 USD.