What is Zero Shell?

Zero Shell is a small, portable and redistributable Linux program written for servers and embedded systems to provide network and connectivity services.

Zero Shell is not an operating system-based service, and it depends upon a web-based graphical user interface.

The user has to log in to the user interface on the web instead of using a shell to configure and administer the Zero Shell.

Zero Shell can be downloaded from the internet in a compact flash image or purchased as a live CD. The user can buy the CD or download the flash file and install it simply using a web browser.

Its independent nature allows the Zero Shell to launch itself even from the CD-Rom without installation. The database containing all the information about Zero Shell-like settings and data can be stored on the computer’s hard disk.

This information can also be stored in a USB disk and be carried with the Zero Shell compact disk. The automatic update system of the Zero Shell lets it automatically download all the updates and security fixes from the internet.

These updates and security patches are stored in the Zero Shell databases and applied whenever needed. If the latest compact disk already contains these security patches, they would be automatically removed from the database to prevent duplication and ensure consistency.